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The Richness And Quality Of Premium Ice Cream Is Unbeatable

The heavenly taste of fruits, nuts, and natural milk in each scoop delights your mind. Using our range of tubs, you can share your favourite ice cream flavours on your favourite occasions. Because we use natural pulps of fruits, the flavour of the ice cream is natural and healthy

Unlike other ice cream brands that opened parlours exclusively in the city, KIWI decided to expand to suburban and even rural areas, turning our ice cream into a sensation. In addition to special ice creams for kids and novel flavours like Indian sweets, we consistently introduce new flavours throughout the year, so customers always have something new to try. With the finest ingredients, we offer ice cream of the best quality and taste. Enjoy the new world of ice creams that will melt your heart.

We make sure that good health and good taste go hand in hand with well-automated machinery, highly hygienic plants, and 100% tamper-proof packing. With dedication and commitment to nature, the people around you, and yourself, KIWI ice creams provide you with so much more than just ice cream. Due to the quality of the ingredients used in its preparation, organic ice cream retains its nutritional value. Omega-3 fatty acids in organic ice cream aid in maintaining healthy skin and hair. Ice cream’s nutritional value is determined by its ingredients. Ice cream gives the body energy because it contains carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. A half-cup of ice cream contains around 15 grams of carbohydrates. Natural ice cream contains calcium and phosphorus, as well as several vitamins and nutrients. Vitamin K prevents blood clotting and keeps it thin. Enjoy true happiness, true love, and true friendship by sharing the goodness of Unique Premium Ice-creams as well. Compounds found in natural ice cream aid in improving brain function stimulates the nervous system and prevents insomnia by elevating one’s mood and lowering stress levels.

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