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Indulge The Magic Tastes Of Nature With Our New Varieties

The company offers organic ice cream for the first time in India. Ice cream is not considered a fattening treat by the company. Using only organically certified ingredients, Iceberg has created a variety of carefully crafted flavours. With no artificial flavours or colours, we make all-natural (vegetarian) ice cream. Using only the finest ingredients, which are handpicked with great care, our products are of the highest quality. Our ice creams are delectable and refreshing. As the dream of making the best natural flavour ice creams in the country became a reality, the journey has become more challenging and exciting. We strive to provide our customers with the best tastes and quality.

There is nothing more important than good taste. The best ingredients are even more important. Therefore, with Unique Premium Ice Creams, our goal is to serve you the most delightful of ice creams, including the exotic and the innovative. We are proud to offer our ‘Indian Inspirations’ range with innovative ice creams such as tender coconut ice cream, jackfruit ice cream, sweet orange ice cream, alphonso mango ice cream, and many more. Our entire product line is made only using Pure Milk and 100% Natural Ingredients.

All flavours, colours, and preservatives are free from artificial components. Truthfully Natural is more than a slogan for us; it is a promise as well. With only pure milk, natural ingredients, and handcrafted production, Kiwi Unique Premium Ice Creams guarantees a range of enticing flavours that you will not find anywhere else. The richness and sweetness paired with freshly whipped butter are absolutely delicious. Our team is expanding! We’ve formed a special bond with our customers. We clean all of the ingredients by hand before adding them to the process, that’s why we named it natural ice cream. In contrast to other brands with a longer shelf life, we manufacture, distribute, and sell our ice cream nationwide. It’s hard to deny the appeal of good ice cream. A range of flavours of chocolate-coated ice cream bars was so yummy. Delicious pineapple-flavoured ice cream, Passion fruit flavoured ice cream, Magic fundoo with orange delight, Mango ice cream, Tender coconut ice cream, Cashew kheer, Fig and Honey, Almond Kulfi are the most favourite flavours..

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