Kiwi makes each scoop of ice cream100% vegetarian maintaining impeccable hygiene. We are committed to giving back. CSR activities are part of that. The whole family has dedicated themselves to maintaining quality and goodness.

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Authentic Taste

Kiwi's authentic taste is simply unfathomable. To us, the highest quality ice cream brands use high-quality ingredients. Therefore, they take extra care to source pure ingredients and avoid too many additives. Additionally, the ice cream must be extra creamy - no ice crystals! We also look for a wide range of ice cream flavours to choose from to suit our tastes. Our focus is on finding innovative, unique brands, not just tasty vanilla ice cream. But we appreciate that too.

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Divine Treat

Kiwi is a brand owned by EK Foods, one of India's leading producers of frozen foods. The frozen desserts, ice cream and popular products of Kiwi are packed with quality for your best family moments, all made with only the finest ingredients. The brand supplies ice cream to its own shops in India and is known for its ice cream flavours such as pineapple, passion fruit, litchi, fig and jackfruit during the fall and winter seasons.

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Unique Flavours
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Unique Flavours

Kiwi offers a variety of flavoured products with a unique taste. The unique premium ice creams have a lot of delicious flavours like pineapple, passion fruit, orange delight, mango etc. According to many reviewers, this is the best ice cream out there. Certainly, it's a standout. It's so thick and creamy. Their flavours can definitely be identified by the use of high-quality cream.

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Diverse Styles

Our focus on product innovation and quality has resulted in an exciting range of flavours. We don't add artificial flavours or colours to it. A whole lot of pleasure can be found as a result of wholesome ingredients such as superior milk, butter, and quality ingredients. Lip-smacking flavours enhance its quality and taste varies in different styles like cones, bars, bulks, sticks, candies and other novelties.

Diverse Styles